Interfaces ficcionais

Do filme Prometheus (2012)

O mundo (ou seria universo?) das interfaces criadas como coadjuvantes nos filmes de ficção científica é realmente fascinante.

O site Inventing Interfaces é especializado em analisá-las.

E as discussões são bem interessantes. Por exemplo:

“I’ve noticed that UIs in feature films are continually getting more elaborate and complex. Meanwhile, though, real-world interfaces are getting more simple and intuitive. It seems an odd contradiction that the futuristic UIs we dream up for movies follow one path, while real world ones are heading down another path.

But the reason for this is simple. Complexity conveys the impression that a system is very robust and advanced, and a character’s mastery of a complex system is more impressive than it would be if the system were simple and intuitive. No matter how complex the system gets, the hero can always operate it expertly, leaving the audience dazzled by the UI and the character’s skill. In the real world, though, users are more often like Mr. Magoo than like Tony Stark or an MI5 agent. So while high-aptitude, heavily trained users might be the fantasy world for UX professionals, it’s not the world we live in. The trend toward complexity in movie UIs doesn’t give us much of a preview of the world to come.”

Tony Walt, em What Movie UIs Say About the Future


Faz sentido, não?

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